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Toronto Police Officer’s Posts About Work Harassment Led to Her Firing

Her 10th anniversary as a Toronto police officer was approaching, but Firouzeh Zarabi-Majd was in no mood to celebrate. Embittered by the years of sexual harassment she said that she and her fellow female officers had experienced at work, she was engaged in a one-woman campaign to make her case public across Canada.

She had already gone through official channels, but when that didn’t work she took to social media.

For 18 months, Ms. Zarabi-Majd posted images of the pornography and racist and sexist messages that she said she witnessed in the workplace.

She disclosed details of a sexual assault she said she experienced and cursed and mocked officials whom she believed were dismissive of her accusations.

She ignored warnings from Toronto’s police force to stop.

Ms. Zarabi-Majd said she should have a right — just as civilians do — to discuss her grievances publicly.

But in May 2023, police officials fired her, saying she was trying to destroy the Toronto police’s reputation and that her behavior rose to serious misconduct.


Last modified: 13 June 2024