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Slovakia Prime Minister Undergoes Further Surgery After Assassination Attempt

Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia underwent an additional surgery, officials said on Friday, as the authorities for the first time identified the suspect in an assassination attempt that has reverberated in Europe and raised fears about what comes next for the deeply polarized country.

Details on Wednesday’s attack, including about the assailant and about who is leading the country while the prime minister is hospitalized, have been scant, driving a swirl of speculation and questions.

On Friday, the authorities appeared to acknowledge the scarcity of information in a statement from the General Prosecutor’s office that identified the suspect — albeit with only a first name and an initial — as Juraj C. In the statement, the prosecutor’s office said it was not possible to provide more information yet because the authorities needed to “properly clarify the sensitive matter and fairly punish the perpetrator.”

Some local news outlets had reported that an amateur poet, similarly identified as Juraj C., from the central Slovak town of Levice, was the suspect. Slovakia’s interior minister has described the suspect as a “lone wolf” radicalized after last month’s presidential election.

On Friday, news media in Slovakia reported that police officers had escorted the suspect to his home in Levice, where they searched the premises and seized documents. The police did not immediately respond to a request for comment on those reports.

Suspects can be held in jail without a court order for a maximum of 48 hours in Slovakia — and that time limit was due to elapse on Friday. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, Zuzana Drobova, said a motion had been filed on Friday to keep the suspect in Mr. Fico’s shooting in custody for longer.


Last modified: 18 May 2024