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Xavi bids farewell to Barcelona: I leave proud and with a clear conscience

Xavi spoke at his final pre-match press conference as Barcelona coach on Saturday.

The 44-year-old has left the door open to return to the Catalan club in the future and admitted that he didn’t expect an exit like this.

Xavi stated that he has gone through some complicated days, but that he leaves proud and with a clear conscience.

“I am fine. These have been complicated days, but I leave proud and with a clear conscience,” said Xavi. “It has not been easy, we already knew it would be a complicated time. I think we can be proud of the work we have done, with a clear conscience over having given everything and always trying to be a club man.

“We have understood many things in complicated situations. We have done a good job despite not winning titles this year. It has been a great experience. I’ll enjoy the last game, which has been an honor and a pleasure.”

Xavi spoke with Laporta

Xavi also revealed that he spoke with president Joan Laporta over his departure, and that he understands his reasons for opting for a change on the bench.

“I was with the president yesterday, he told me his reasons why he believes the club needs a change of direction, of coach, and I can only accept and respect him,” said Xavi.

“He is the one who decides everything at the club. I am a club man, I will always be available for whatever Barcelona needs. We shook hands, hugged, wished each other luck and I will be one more Cul on the pitch. I wish everyone the best, especially the players.

“Management have decided on this for the club. They believe they need a change of direction. I can only accept it and respect it. Until today, I was still motivated, excited and with my ambition intact. I believed in the squad, that we could do interesting things.”

As for a possible return to Barcelona in the future, Xavi left the door open.

“Why not, I would like to. I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve also suffered. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions,” said Xavi.

“I won’t close the door. I hope I get the chance to return. You can’t imagine this farewell, but it could happen. These are club decisions.

“I already said that if I didn’t continue, I would take a break, which I think is necessary. Then let’s see what the future holds for me”.


Last modified: 27 May 2024