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Thiago Messi: One day I would like to play with Lamine Yamal

Thiago Messi, son of Argentinian star Lionel Messi, made his debut in LaLiga FC Futures with Inter Miami.

Despite losing in the group stage against Barcelona, Thiago shared his thoughts on the tournament, his father, and his dreams for the future in an interview with Jos Ramn de la Morena.

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It should come as no surprise that Thiago is looking towards a career in professional football, given the fact he has been surrounded by the sport ever since he was born.

There are also similarities between Cristiano Ronaldo and his own eldest son, who is involved in football at a junior level.

When asked about his own playing hopes, Thiago was clear in his goals.

“Playing makes me more nervous than watching my father play,” Thiago admitted

“I’m not good with my left foot. I want to play for the Argentine national team.”

Thiago’s favorite Lionel goal

Thiago also shared his favorite goal that was scored by his father, and it may well be a surprise given the fact Thiago wasn’t even born in 2009 when it took place.

“My father’s most beautiful goal was the header against Manchester United in the Champions League final,” he concluded.

Barcelona have enjoyed success through products of their La Masia youth system, with Lionel Messi the most famous example.

Lamine Yamal is the latest potential superstar to come through that famed system, and his own emergence hasn’t gone unnoticed by Thiago Messi.

“One day I would like to play with Lamine Yamal,” he added.


Last modified: 19 June 2024