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Sterling Mahomes wants to be soccer star like her mom Brittany but Bronze Mahomes won't let her

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes took their kids to a Kansas City Current soccer game on Sunday, and their daughter Sterling showed the desire to be a soccer star like her mom. That is, until her little brother Bronze had something to say about it.

Soccer runs in the Mahomes family

Wearing a dress adorned in little soccer balls, Sterling Skye Mahomes, 3, looked the part of a young soccer starlet as she enjoyed the NWSL contest from the sideline. She had a chance to get out on the field, and when college soccer phenom Brittany rolled her a ball, she proved to be a natural.

However, Patrick Lavon “Bronze” Mahomes III, 1, had his annoying little brother senses kick in, and stopped Sterling from getting all the spotlight. Brittany’s Instagram story captured little Bronze getting in Sterling’s way and even getting a kick of the ball himself.

Bronze’s action made him look like a good defender, but Brittany Mahomes’ soccer career was marked by her goalscoring. She scored 34 goals in college and played professionally in Iceland before Patrick’s NFL career took off. She continued her passion for sports as a certified personal fitness trainer and a co-owner of the Current.

A family of athletes

It remains to be seen whether Sterling will follow in her mom’s footsteps or take up another hobby. She and her brother enjoy soccer, baseball, golf, football, basketball and even just hanging out in the gym.

No matter what they choose, athletic greatness runs in the family. Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr (known as Pat Mahomes), who is in the midst of legal troubles, spent 11 years as an MLB pitcher featuring a 100 mph fastball.

His arm was passed down to Patrick Lavon Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes), who has used it to guide the Kansas City Chiefs to three Super Bowls in the past five years. The two-time MVP is still writing his NFL legacy, but it already stacks up among the best quarterbacks in history.


Last modified: 19 June 2024