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Neymar reveals the ugliest player he's ever played with… and he's from Real Madrid

In a light-hearted interview, Neymar, the former Barcelona star and current player for Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, responded to a playful question from Matheus Gonze about who the “ugliest” footballer he has played with is. Neymar’s answer caught attention for its humor and the unexpected choice.

When asked about the least attractive player he has played with, Neymar, with a laugh, named Vinicius Junior, a current player for Real Madrid.

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“The ugliest? I’ve played with many. I didn’t even want to say ugly, but I have played with a lot of guys. It’s going to be a joke, but… Vinicius Junior. It’s crazy, look, he’s the chosen one. Vini, I love you… I love you more than ever,” said Neymar, laughing.

The two have shared the field for the Brazilian national team and have known each other for years.

Neymar and Vinicius‘ paths have crossed multiple times, not only as rivals in club football but also as teammates representing Brazil.

Their camaraderie is evident, and Neymar‘s comment was clearly made in jest, highlighting the playful side of footballer relationships.

Neymar, Vinicius

Neymar, Vinicius

The players Neymar admires

In his conversation with Matheus Gonze, Neymar did not shy away from sharing his admiration for other football greats. He designated Alex de Souza, the former Fenerbahce star, as his football idol.

Neymar also hailed Lionel Messi as the best footballer he has ever seen. Excluding Messi, Neymar named Andres Iniesta as the best player he has played alongside, praising Iniesta’s skill and vision on the field.


Last modified: 30 June 2024