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Neymar breaks trust of Brazil teammate Renan Lodi by taking prank war too far and slashing his tires

There are a few things that you should never challenge Brazilian soccer star Neymar to: a one-on-one soccer game, a juggling contest, a penalty kick shootout. Renan Lodi found out the hard way that even a silly prank war against Neymar is a bad idea, after a stunning betrayal left his car with no tires.

Brazil’s all-time top scorer willingly posted the video of him slashing tires on Lodi’s car, leading soccer fans to wonder what happened that led to such a drastic and personal attack.

Why did Neymar slash Renan Lodi’s tires?

The Brazil and Al-Hilal teammates were engaged in a friendly prank war. Surely, Neymar’s escalation meant that Renan Lodi had done something equally savage to him, right?

The only other evidence from Neymar’s Instagram post was the first move pulled by the defender, who tied the laces of Neymar’s cleats together. It was a funny and annoying trick, but one that didn’t seem to deserve slashed tires as payback. Social media sounded off, agreeing that Neymar took it too far.

Neymar becomes the bad guy

“Nahh that’s crazy. He took it to a different level,” said an Instagram comment with over 1,000 likes.

“You tied my shoes together, so let me just slash your tires,” another criticized. “like who in the right mind makes this decision.”

“these are jokes between rich,” a fan commented about the absurdity of the whole ordeal.

Thankfully, Renan Lodi knows how to take a joke. “Next season is long, I eagerly wait for your Rolls Royce!!” he replied to Ney’s post, with revenge on his mind.

Neymar is ruled out for Copa America with his long term knee injury, and his latest stunt certainly won’t bring him closer to any of his Selecao teammates.


Last modified: 1 June 2024