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Mexico coach under fire after the defeat against Uruguay: He's not qualified to coach El Tri

The drubbing by Uruguay leaves open wounds for the Mexican national soccer team two weeks before the start of the Copa America. The 4-0 defeat is a reality check for El Tri and its coach, Jimmy Lozano, who was harshly criticized.

One of the harshest was Luis Garcia, a legend of Mexican soccer and the national team, who was clear in expressing his displeasure with the Mexican coach and his performance against Uruguay.

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“This man is not qualified to be the coach of the National Team, this is all Jaime Lozano‘s fault, all of it, it is totally his fault. He doesn’t know what to do when things get complicated, he doesn’t know how to respond,” he told Azteca TV.

David Medrano, Luis Garcia‘s broadcasting partner, also shot back at El Tri’s coach. “You had 15 minutes, you ate three in the first half and you don’t even slightly change the team,” he said indignantly.

“The directors of the Mexican Football Federation don’t understand anything at all, they have a coach today in the national team because he is a good person. The Gold Cup was the one with which the Federation used to say that the Qatar disaster had been cleaned up,” said Christian Martinoli.

Mexico faces an uncertain outlook now, as its next international preparatory match for the Copa America is against Brazil next Saturday. It will be the last test for Lozano’s men, who will make their Copa America debut against Jamaica on June 22. For the moment, and despite the narrow victory over Bolivia on June 1, the overall grade is a fail.


Last modified: 7 June 2024