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Mbappe and PSG, new war: L'Equipe publishes that the club hasn't paid him. How much money has the future Real Madrid player not been paid?

It seems the final days in the relationship between Kylian Mbappe and PSG aren’t going ahead smoothly.

‘L’Equipe’ reports that the separation process between Mbappe and PSG has been muddied by some non-payments to the footballer.

The outlet states that Paris Saint-Germain has not paid the salary for the month of April nor a bonus scheduled for February to Mbappe, who’s contract is set to expire and has already signed his contract to become a new Real Madrid player.

PSG “forgot” to pay the player’s April salary, plus a bonus scheduled for February

After playing the full 90 minutes in just 11 of his last 21 games for PSG, these non-payments seem like another PSG response against Mbappe over the striker’s decision not to renew his contract and move on.

“This looks like a new marginalization, certainly gradual, but marginal at the end of the day,” wrote Damien Degorre.

“Above all, the capital club “forgot” to pay the player his April salary, plus a bonus scheduled for February, which corresponds, according to a source close to PSG, to a savings of 80 million euros,” reports Degorre.

The French outlet highlights that it is the lawyers of PSG and Mbappe who are finalizing the details of the player’s departure from the Parisian club.


Last modified: 30 May 2024