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Mbappe accepts Bolt's challenge in the 100m: I don't think I have much of a chance

Kylian Mbappe accepts the challenge. The PSG player ‘agreed’ to a 100-meter race against the world’s biggest name in the field, Usain Bolt.

However, Mbappe isn’t expecting to come out on top, stating: “I don’t think I have much of a chance.” That’s how the French player responded when asked about the possibility at a recent Nike event and his foundation ‘Inspired by KM’.

Usain Bolt’s brillaint finish in the 23rd minuted during the Soccer Aid Charity game

The interest in the event ‘was born’ a few months ago when BBC social media noted that Mbappe had “clocked an estimated speed of 10.90 seconds over 100 meters” during a match. The athletics world joked about that time, from Michael Johnson to the International Athletics Federation.

That led to an amusing exchange of messages between the Frenchman and Bolt. “I know I was laughing when I saw it. The girls are running faster than that [10.9]” joked the Jamaican, who threw out the challenge, as well as assuring that the Frenchman inspires him, as he admitted on the red carpet of the Laureus Awards.

“He has a special talent. Mbappe is very fast. Very fast on the ball,” Bolt assured.

Mbappe heaps praise on Bolt

Mbappe, when questioned about the possibility of measuring himself against the world record holder in the event, also praised the former sprinter. “Knowing that I inspire such a person is really gratifying. He inspired everyone as well. And I think everyone stayed up late at night to watch Usain Bolt run. I can say it’s mutual and I started before he did to look up to him.”

As for the hypothetical duel, the Frenchman was also clear, with a chuckle: “I don’t think I have much choice. But it would be nice for fun. Why not one day, if we both have time, to do something nice?”


Last modified: 17 May 2024