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Luka Modric wins MVP of the most heartbreak match of his career

The draw against Italy in the last second of the match leaves Luka Modric’s men on the ropes and they will have to wait to find out if they qualify for the round of 16 as one of the best third places. And on such a sad day, UEFA made a gesture that will take a while to forget.

It is common to see the Eurocup players collect the ‘MVP’ trophy of the match with a smile from ear to ear. A small title that recognizes the value of a footballer in a match and that is normally collected by one of those who have won. Which this time was not the case.

Against the Italian National Team, Luka Modric lived a real roller coaster of emotions that began shortly after the second half started. The referee of the match awarded a penalty in the 53rd minute after a handball by Frattesi after Kramaric’s shot.

Luka Modric failed again for his team in a shot that was stopped by Gianluigi Donnarumma. This sadness lasted only 30 seconds because shortly after failing, Budimir took advantage of a great cross from the wing that was stopped by the Italy goalkeeper. The rejection fell at the feet of the Real Madrid midfielder, who scored the first for his team and filled an entire country with hope.

Then everything came tumbling down

It seemed that Croatia had almost secured a ticket to the next round when a goal from Italy, in the last second of the match, turned the group upside down. With this result, Modric’s men are practically eliminated and Spain qualified against Switzerland for the round of 16.

This caused Luka Modric’s sadness as he watched his last moments slip away in a Eurocup match. Despite this, UEFA did not hesitate to give the award to the Croatian player who appeared in the official photograph with his eyes swollen from having been crying for a long time. A snapshot that will break the hearts of many.


Last modified: 1 July 2024