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Lionel Messi surprisingly reveals the one NBA player that he's dying to get a picture with

Lionel Messi may very well be the best player in soccer history. But even the very best still admire the top athletes from different sports. And Messi is no different.

A couple of months ago, Messi met superstar NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes before an Inter Miami-Sporting KC match. He has also met LeBron James several times in the past. He’s met the best of the best, but there’s one particular legendary athlete left on his bucket list: Michael Jordan.

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Lionel Messi hopes for long-awaited meeting with Michael Jordan

During a recent interview with ESPN Argentina, Messi revealed that MJ is at the top of his list of athletes with whom he needs to get a picture with.

From the sports world, I would like to have a photo with [Michael] Jordan. Meet him and take a photo with him.
It might seem out of nowhere, but Messi has been pictured with many of the top athletes in recent history in various sports. But none of them are bigger than Jordan; no one really is.

Messi is quite a big basketball fan. He has frequently spoken about how much he admires Stephen Curry and LeBron. A former teammate of his, Kevin Prince-Boateng, once revealed that Messi liked to shoot hoops during his spare time in between practicing. He has a love for it.


Last modified: 14 June 2024