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Lionel Messi gives Will Smith an Oscar performance and leaves him speechless in viral video

Inter Miami CF star Lionel Messi gave Will Smith one of his biggest surprises since that famous night at the Oscars, delivering an award-winning performance in front of the actor in an Instagram video.

Messi surprises Will Smith in Miami

Smith and Martin Lawrence, co-stars of the hit movie franchise Bad Boys, were in Miami ahead of the release of the latest edition: Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

The fourth movie in the buddy cop action comedy series, set in Miami, comes to theaters worldwide on June 5. But not before South Florida’s new king Messi could get his fingerprints on it.

Smith and Lawrence appear in the video in a backyard overlooking the water with palm trees in the background. There is a neon soccer ball on the ground, and Smith points out where he is going to kick it. Then, the World Cup champion enters the frame and shows him how it’s done.

Without saying a single word, Messi casually walks over to the dead ball and strikes a shot right into the camera recording the scene, stealing the spotlight from Smith much like he did on the Oscars stage with Chris Rock.

It’s fitting that one of the most famous Miami movies inspired a pre-release cameo from the city’s newest Bad Boy.


Last modified: 27 May 2024