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Lewandowski does not fear Mbappe arrival at Real Madrid: We're not afraid

Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski is already focused on next season in LaLiga, and is aiming to surpass his goal tally from last year. He also remains unperturbed by Kylian Mbappe‘s impending transfer to Real Madrid.

Lewandowski also made it clear that during the 2024 Champions League final, he will be a fervent supporter of Borussia Dortmund, the club where he made his name several years ago. The Polish forward spoke to MARCA in his role as an ambassador for G2A.com.

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Q – What happened to Barcelona this season?

A – “We know we could, and should, have done better. But I have the feeling that we will start better next season, it’s a new chapter. Everything that’s happened is over now, although there’s still the European Championship.

“The feeling in the team is that we are ready to prepare for next season. We could have won some trophies this season, but in some periods of the season we had ups and downs.

“And if you want to win trophies you must always be on the same level, playing the best football… We have potential, I’m sure that next season we’ll play better.”

Q – What do you expect from the 2006-25 season?

A – “I hope to start by fighting for the LaLiga title. This season, Real Madrid never dropped points, even when they didn’t play well. They only lost one game, I think, and they drew five or six.

“However, they won a lot of games by scoring in the dying minutes. If you want to win LaLiga, you have to know how to win the games when you are not performing well.

“This is the lesson we have to learn for next season: to win games even if we’re not at our best.”

Q – The Champions League final is coming up, will you be supporting Borussia Dortmund?

A – “Yes, I’ll be supporting them. I can imagine what it’s like, because I played a final at Wembley with Dortmund. I remember how the atmosphere was…

“For Reus it will be the last game, it might be his legacy. For Dortmund it’s the second Champions League final and, although they face Real Madrid who are always Real Madrid, sometimes things that never happen, do happen.

“I have my fingers crossed for Dortmund, of course.”

Q – Are you afraid of a Real Madrid with Mbappe?

A – “It’s not official yet but it seems that all roads lead to Real Madrid. Fear? No, of course not, obviously he’s an incredible player and if he goes to Real Madrid, it will be a very strong team.

“But our mentality has to be that no matter how good the players are, if we are a team and work together, we can beat them. We have to be ready from the first game and the first minutes because Real Madrid will probably need time.

“They won’t start well and will drop points, and we have to take advantage of that. Not to catch them but to be ahead of them. Like two seasons ago, when there were games we couldn’t win but we didn’t lose.”


Last modified: 26 May 2024