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How much money do teams and players earn at Euro 2024?

The players who take part in the European Championship do not receive a fixed amount of money for taking part in the competition.

They also do not receive a salary from their federations, so to speak, as is the case with their clubs. The players do receive money for playing in the tournament, but not a salary like the rest of the year for their clubs.

The members of the squads of the 24 participating teams must reach an agreement with their federations to be paid for playing in the tournament. There are two forms of payment: per diems and bonuses.

Per diems are usually paid according to the number of days spent ‘away from home’, i.e., in training. Bonuses are based on performances. The players of the German national team, for example, will each pocket 400,000 euros if they win the European Championship, which they will host this summer.

How much money the national teams earn at the European Championship?

The amount earmarked for victories and for reaching the knockout rounds at the European Championship in Germany is the same as for Euro 2020: 331 million euros. The distribution of that cash will be as follows:

  • For participation: 9.25 million euros
  • Match bonus: 1 million euros for a win and 500,000 euros for a draw.
  • Qualification for the round of 16: 1.5 million euros
  • Qualification for the quarter-finals: 2.5 million euros
  • Qualification for the semi-finals: 4 million euros
  • Finalist (loser of the final): 5 million euros
  • Champion: 8 million euros

In other words, the maximum amount of money that the Euro champion can take home is 28.25 million euros.


Last modified: 9 June 2024