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Erling Haaland caught in a police raid at a beach club in Marbella

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland is not playing in the European Championship, as his national team, Norway, failed to qualify.

In view of this situation, the footballer is enjoying a few days of vacation in Marbella, Andalusia. It is worth remembering that Haaland owns a house in an exclusive area of Marbella and the world star has always been fascinated by Andalusia.

In fact, he has been seen on multiple occasions with Joaquin, since whenever his busy schedule allows it, he spends a few days under the sun of the coast of southern Spain.

Haaland found himself in the middle of a police raid

But on this visit he experienced an unpleasant moment. Last night a police raid too place where he was located. The National Police deployed a large group in the club Playa Padre, located on the beach of Cable de Marbella.

Dozens of uniformed agents surrounded the establishment, while others identified with the police vest requested documentation from customers.

This raid took place in the same way as other similar interventions, for example at the Ocean Club or at the Real Club de Pdel. On this occasion, inside the establishment was, as a regular customer, the Norwegian footballer Erling Haaland.

A British man there later joked about the images of the police raiding the club: “Who knew the National Police were such fans of Erling Haaland? The reason for the police action was part of the routine actions that are being carried out within the so-called Plan Marbella, which began on April 11 and is still ongoing, two months later, after the wave of shootings in the municipality that caused great alarm.”


Last modified: 20 June 2024