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Argentina gets ready for Peru clash with a starting lineup nearly confirmed without Lionel Messi

The air in Miami is heavy with anticipation, the kind that settles in just before the storm. Argentina has chosen this vibrant city, a melting pot of cultures and sunshine, to prepare for their crucial group stage clash against Peru. Yet, the question on everyone’s lips is singular: Will Lionel Messi play?

As Argentina readies itself at Florida International University-following in the footsteps of Uruguay who trained there days before-the team is faced with an unsettling reality. Lionel Messi, the talismanic force behind Argentina’s recent successes, is battling an injury. His status remains as murky as the Everglades, leaving fans and pundits alike in a state of nervous suspense.

The scene today in Miami was almost theatrical. Media personnel, cameras at the ready, were glued to every move as Messi was evaluated. Despite the collective sigh of disappointment when it became apparent that Messi wouldn’t be featuring against Peru, the Argentine camp exuded a calm confidence. Emiliano “Dibu” Martinez, set to guard the goalposts, and German Pezzella, anchoring the defense, faced the press with a steely resolve.

Argentina prepares for Peru match in Miami amid Messi injury concerns

Starting lineup for Peru match still a mistery

The mystery of the starting XI remains, with nine slots yet to be officially filled. However, what we do know offers a glimpse into Argentina’s strategy. The absence of Messi, Marcos Acua, and the suspended coach Ricardo Gareca-banished by CONMEBOL for tardy returns from halftime-casts a shadow. Yet, this team is built of more than just one man, even if that man is Messi.

Argentina’s journey through the group phase has been a rollercoaster. Playing in NFL-sized stadiums, the logistical challenges have been apparent. The trek from locker room to pitch and back within the rigid timeframe has proven too tight, contributing to the coach’s unfortunate ban. It’s a peculiar predicament, highlighting the quirks of international tournaments held in the land of football helmets and end zones.

But Argentina’s eyes remain fixed on the prize. The match against Peru is pivotal-not just for group stage glory but for momentum heading into the quarterfinals. The team’s social media accounts are working overtime, keeping fans updated with every heartbeat, every bead of sweat. And while Messi’s absence is a blow, the squad knows they must march on.

In Miami’s sweltering heat, under the glare of relentless scrutiny, Argentina is more than a collection of stars; it’s a constellation. And even without their brightest star, they’re ready to shine. Peru awaits, but so does destiny. And as Argentina takes the field, they carry the hopes of a nation, ready to fight with or without their maestro.


Last modified: 10 July 2024