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What are the details of scandal involving three Argentina national team players accused of assaulting woman?

During a friendly match in which the Argentina national team triumphed over Guatemala 4-1, a week before the start of the Copa America 2024 in the United States, Colombian radio revealed a scandal involving three Argentine players.

Journalist Javier Hernndez Bonnet discussed the allegations against members of the team that won the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Thiago Almada, ngel Correa, and Exequiel Palacios.

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On the program ‘Blog Deportivo’ on Blu Radio, the director of the show, Javier Hernndez Bonnet, disclosed that he had consulted a source in Argentina regarding the legal cases against Sebastin Villa for gender violence and sexual abuse.

During this conversation, the same source mentioned that three players from the Argentina national team were facing serious accusations in court.

Worrying details emerged

At the beginning of the radio program on Friday, June 14, Hernndez Bonnet opened with:

“I have news that is going to shake things up. Initially, I thought it was related to former Boca Juniors striker Sebastin Villa,” he declared.

“But as I investigated, I discovered something even more significant. This is a story that will make headlines across South America and the world.”

While discussing the matter with Juan Jos Buscalia, an Argentine national and regular panelist on the program, the revelations began to unfold. Hernndez Bonnet explained how his investigation into Sebastin Villa led him to uncover a more significant scandal:

“I was told that several Colombian clubs have offered Sebastin Villa a contract. As I inquired about Villa’s legal situation, I stumbled upon a scandal involving three Argentine players who allegedly assaulted a woman at a party in Puerto Madero.”

Hernndez Bonnet elaborated on his findings, stating that his source, a reputable lawyer familiar with the Sebastian Villa case, revealed the serious nature of the allegations.

The source mentioned that the incident involved three Argentine national team players, identified by the initials of their first or last names: ‘T’, ‘E’, and ‘A’. Eventually, Hernndez Bonnet revealed the names: Thiago Almada, Exequiel Palacios, and ngel Correa.

Currently, Angel Correa and Exequiel Palacios are part of the group preparing for the 2024 Copa America, though they have not been confirmed in the final list of 26 players.

Thiago Almada is among those selected for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, but his participation is also uncertain. These revelations could significantly impact the plans of ‘La Albiceleste’ and lead to their exclusion to avoid distraction and controversy within the team.


Last modified: 18 June 2024