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Things to Bring to College That You Can’t Buy at Target

Extra-long sheets. Shower shoes. The wall hooks and putty that hold things up but don’t leave marks.

Most colleges provide a list of things that new students might bring if they’re living on campus, and most big-box stores stock all of it and then some.

But there’s another list you may want to consider, containing things that aren’t at the end of any Target aisle or on anyone’s Amazon wish list.

It includes the form that can allow you to help with an adult child’s health care — and one of your own creation that gives carte blanche to call you if the child somehow ends up in handcuffs. And how about some midnight pizza facilitation?

Any such list comes with a caveat. A few of these things may be nice, but doing most of them is a bit much.

“When the tether to home is very thick, students don’t form the bonds in the new place,” said Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of “How to Raise an Adult.” “You can inadvertently send the message that ‘I don’t think you’re capable there without me doing this for you,’ and we never want to send that message.”


Last modified: 4 July 2024