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How Media Outlets on the Left and Right Covered Biden’s Immigration Order

President Biden’s immigration policies are a frequent target of conservative and liberal media outlets, often mirroring criticisms from Republican and Democratic elected officials. The reaction to his executive order on Tuesday, which limits asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border, was no different.

Conservative media outlets criticized the policy as being too lenient and accused Mr. Biden of being slow to address what they see as a crisis. Some made misleading claims about the order.

Liberal outlets gave less attention to the news. Those that did give it significant coverage repeated a long-held frustration among progressives with Mr. Biden’s approach to the Southern border, saying the executive order was harmful to migrants and denouncing it as a version of the policies favored by former President Donald J. Trump.

Here is how a few of those outlets covered the news:

Mr. Biden’s executive order prevents migrants from seeking asylum at the border when crossings spike, one of the most restrictive U.S. immigration policies enacted by a Democrat.

But that didn’t go far enough for many conservative outlets, including Breitbart, which blanketed its site with stories that criticized Mr. Biden’s policies. Since he entered office in 2021, Mr. Biden has been repeatedly accused by the right-wing site of causing an influx of migrants crossing the Southern border.

The site’s headlines this week emphasized the particulars of Biden’s order, which cut off asylum access at the border starting on Wednesday. The order will lift if daily crossings drop to below 1,500 for a period of time, but will come back if they rise to 2,500.


Last modified: 10 June 2024